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A. Nageswara Rao - Movie Artiste 


It is not an exaggeration to say that the name of Shri S.P.Balasubrahmanyam has become a by-word in the families of music lovers. He has reached the pink of perfection and carved a niche in the hearts of millions of people. This is all by dint of his hard work and devotion.



K.V. Mahadevan - Music Director 


A sizeable credit for the National Award given to me by the Government of India for the "BEST MUSIC DIRECTOR" for the film "SANKARABHARANAM" goes to Balu... Of course the rendition of the songs by him contributed tremendously to the success of the movie. It was, in my opinion, equal to, if not better than, the best efforts from a specialist in classical songs. Today he has truly established himself as one of the few singers of quality in all the South Indian languages, including Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. Though he is known to come late for the recording, he more than compensates for the delay by ensuring that all the songs are rendered to perfection in the first try itself. For all his popularity, he is very humble and very friendly with all members of the orchestra. He also provides a number of useful suggestions to improve the music for his songs... In his humbleness, magnanimity, and love for music, he has no equal today. His golden voice is the one and only in the industry.



Kamal Haasan - Movie Artiste 


Honestly as an artiste myself, my first reaction towards someone like Balu (gaaru), is envy. But then envy cannot belie talent. Hence fellow artistes like me are compelled to applaud this artiste however reluctant we are. With such awesome power Balu unlike many artistes can afford humility...



Mano - Cine Playback Artiste 


"Some are born for creating records and some for breaking them. Balu is the one born for both of them." He gives life to the lyrics and heart & soul to the music. He is a true role model for any aspiring singer. He is an art that cannot be imitated and a song that cannot be duplicated. Then is it a wonder, for millions, to be like him is a dream come true.



Narasaraju Mantena - Telugu Association of North America, Inc. 


Sri Balasubrahmanyam ... is an accomplished, addictive singer that has stolen the hearts of Telugus worldwide and Indians in most parts of the world... Balu is not only an accomplished singer but a multi talented artist who has proven his talents in many Telugu Movies...,Balu is blessed with the most appealing voice that I know.



Narinder M. Kukar, M.D (NY), Jiten Shah, M.D. (MO)


Music is the heart and soul of any civilized society. India, the oldest civilization, is fortunate to have given birth to Sripathi-P-BALASUBRAMANYAM. "BALU" has served his country and Indians living all over the world with his talents as a singer, music director, composer and humanitarian for a quarter century. The National Association of Indians in America (AIA) salutes "BALU" the "Savya Saachi" (Man of many talents) and "Ajaatha Shatru" (has no enemies)



Naushad Ali  


I am also a great fan of this great singer..., I think such a talented singer and a complete singer, deserves much more in life. I wish I get many more opportunities to work with him.



S. JANAKI - Cine Playback Artiste 


What I can say about a highly multi talented, most brilliant singer in many languages a very successful dubbing artiste, music director, a natural actor-SPB As a singer he ably, rightly and well-deservedly succeeded the stalwarts like Mohd. Rafi, Ghantasala and Kishore Kumar whose enchanting voices had a lasting spell on the minds of cine music lovers for a long period and whose charm still continue and their Melody echoes in the ears of everybody. His quick and easy grasp of a tune of any kind is a very rare gift and an enviable boon that rightly and necessarily compelled him to render the highest number of songs... which is a unique record and a great feat... He is also a good speaker and a capable compeer at Cine and other functions. He has a Devil's energy charged and recharged with divine grace from time to time to work hard for a very long hours in a day continuously for years together untiringly. His achievements are out-standing and phenomenal. Above all, of course, the time also has been splendid and favorable to him as constant faithful friend opening many a good opportunities thus he is very lucky and great as he is today. He is a miracle in the singing world, and it is no exaggeration that he is an adult prodigy.



S. KOTESWARA RAO - Music Director 


YOU CAME, YOU SANG, YOU CONQUERED" You are the indisputable and indispensable Singer of singers, conquered millions of hearts with your mellifluous voice that could arouse varied emotions of Joy, Sorrow, Love, Passion and Divinity.



V.K. Dubey - Vice President, The Gramophone Company of India Limited 


HMV had the privilege of being associated with many of his brilliant works - songs in Tamil, Telugu and other South Indian language films as well as his superhit songs in Hindi films. We have also had the privilege of recording him for many non-film albums, each of which has been a top seller. It has been an honor to be associated with an artiste of his caliber and cherish this association.




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